About Us

Who we are

The PRO Galleria Store is established in Australia to support creative professionals, studios, content creators, influencers and production companies on the equipment they need to continue producing incredible content, whether physical or digital. 

With our experience working with over 6500 influencers, media, content creators, creative professionals, and local studios, we understand the significance of managing time and securing your work in this industry. As a result, we created this one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need, from professional-grade storage to visual, connectivity and post-production technology, whenever and wherever you need it.

Categorised in various solutions such as a workstation, on location, post-production, and mac or needs by storage, graphics and visuals, brands, and connectivity, allowing you to have the best experience and efficiency when browsing the right equipment for your career.


What do we offer

PRO Galleria Store provides content creators, creative professionals, and studios with dependable and high-performance gear, allowing them to free up time to create more content for their audience.

Specifically, we provide technology solutions to cater for the following segments:

  • Large Studios/Broadcasters/Production Companies
  • Large studios, broadcasters and production companies are notorious for having tight schedules because of the big projects they need to finish. We wanted to make it easier for them to purchase high-end gear that protects their files and increases productivity and efficiency. That is why we have professionals on board who can assist them in selecting the best gear solution to upgrade their workflow.  (https://shop.progalleria.com.au/pages/corporate-enquiry)

  • Local Studios and Creative Professionals
  • Local studios and creative professionals can quickly check the gear that suits their workflow by taking advantage of the various tech solutions categorised in post-production, studio, on location shoots, and workstation solutions. They can be equipped with reliable gear that delivers exceptional speed from our reputable brand partners like WD, SanDisk Professional and AMD.

  • Content Creator/Influencers/Creatives
  • Trends are constantly shifting. Content creators, influencers, and creatives, as well as technology, are adapting. So whether they want to start a trend, complete a project or create incredible content, we want to support them by providing content creation solutions. With our brand partners such as Blue Microphones, Pivo, AOC, SanDisk and Aten to provide professional-grade storage, audiovisual and connectivity technologies, they can ensure to be on top of adding flair to their content.